Our group is managed by the committee of which the chair is the manager. The committee have overall responsible for the group. Our constitution requires us to have 3 officers- a chair,a secretary and a treasurer. Also not less than 2 and no more than 9 elected members. At the AGM each year- usually in September, the committee are elected.  There is an opportunity for all parents to stand for election onto the committee. The committee also organise various fund raising/social events each year.

The present committee  for 2017/18 are;

Chairperson                    Kirsty Colquhoun

Vice Chair                       Bek Olive

Secretary                         Ella Whitehead

Treasurer                         Jo Taal

Staff Representative        Penny Etchells

General                            Emma Fawcett

General                            Tracy Bonner

General                            Louise Harrison

General                             Louise Devereaux

General                             Sally Emery

General                             Amy Barber

General                             Rosie Brightman