Our group is managed by the committee of which the chair is the manager. The committee have overall responsible for the group. Our constitution requires us to have 3 officers- a chair,a secretary and a treasurer. Also not less than 2 and no more than 9 elected members. At the AGM each year- usually in September, the committee are elected.  There is an opportunity for all parents to stand for election onto the committee. The committee also organise various fund raising/social events each year.

The present committee  for 2017/18 are;

Chairperson                    Kirsty Colquhoun

Vice Chair                       Rose Smye

Secretary                         Rosie Brightman

Treasurer                         Jo Taal

Staff Representative        Penny Etchells

General                            Emma Fawcett

General                            Tracy Bonner

General                            Katie Carne

General                            Ella Whitehead