Mark Making

With Early Years Mark Making a very real issue, we have decided to put together an information pack to help guide you and your child through the processes they may encounter whilst with us at Addingham Preschool Playgroup.

mark making

We have worked very closely with the staff in Class Reception and feel that you will benefit from the information enclosed in this document.

The purpose of this information is to make you aware of the importance of the stages your child will pass through before ‘recognisable writing’ will emerge and how vital it is that your child is not rushed through the process.

Early mark making is a personal journey that each child passes through at their own speed and time. Each stage is vital to their overall skill; the main aim at this early stage is to encourage all the motor skills/movements required for efficient mark making. The key area being to encourage a good pencil grip/hold, this is also explained in this booklet along with pictures of a variety of pencil holds you may encounter whilst your child is working out how to manipulate a pencil to make marks.

We sincerely hope that you will find this guidance beneficial and if you have any further questions please ask a member of staff for any extra help or clarification you may require.